Seed supply a challenge for North American oyster producers



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POMS Resistant Oysters

I am Chairman of ASI Pty Ltd, the industry-owned company that has bred POMS resistance into Pacific Oysters in Australia. Two months ago I toured the Pacific North West oyster industry. Thanks to Bill Taylor's very kind introductions I was able to meet a range of people in your amazing industry. Having been through the devastation caused by POMS, I understand why the US industry would not want to import spat from POMS infected areas. However we do have POMS resistant brood stock families located in Australian States that are monitored free of POMS virus. With very rigid quarantine provisions, it would be possible to bring spat into a land-based, secure facility in the US for repeated testing and breeding through a few generations to be certain they were POMS free, prior to release to industry. This might be something to think about - not for immediate implementation, but as a contingency should the worst thing happen.

Dr Leonard R Stephens 71 days ago