Ruby Gonzalez

Gender manipulation has long been used as a method for boosting stock of various species of fish but researchers in the US say they have found the most effective method for southern flounder more

Sep 19, 2017 10:00 AM Research

Different genetic makeup provides quality and quantity more

Aug 22, 2017 11:25 AM Research

Increased productivity, genetic gain, and disease resistance are among the benefits of selective breeding more

Aug 22, 2017 11:16 AM Research

Jaw malformation in greater amberjack (Seriola dumerili) fingerlings, may be minimized by using low brightness rearing tank walls. more

Jul 21, 2017 1:41 PM Research

Affordable larvae feed for local hatcheries has been developed in the Philippines through the collaboration of a state university and government agencies. more

Jul 11, 2017 9:03 AM Nutrition & Feed products

Knowledge of triggers helps shellfish farmers in Thau Lagoon forecast spawning events more

May 22, 2017 11:49 AM Research

The survival rate of walleye larvae in RAS increases when micro-diffusers and oil absorbent socks are used, according to study. more

Mar 22, 2017 2:32 PM Recirc

A no-frills technology to protect tilapia in hatchery ponds more

Mar 2, 2017 2:42 PM Showcase

Sandfish (Holothuria scabra) commands top price more

Mar 2, 2017 2:26 PM

Study indicates that stressed Atlantic salmon eggs may have impaired fitness later in life more

Jan 16, 2017 10:37 AM Research

Norway's Nofima took siblings from the keenest lice-eating family and used them as broodstock for some new lumpsucker families. more

Dec 6, 2016 2:00 PM Research

Among the diets, the feed mixture of oyster, sea urchin and seaweed produced the highest percentage of ovarian development at 55%. more

Nov 3, 2016 10:33 AM Restocking

First marine fish farming approved by US Army CoE and EPA seeks investors more

Sep 14, 2016 8:24 AM Profiles

A milkfish hatchery in the Philippines which started with 60 breeders in 1996 currently boasts 12,000 breeders in what is now the Philippines’ largest producer. more

Jun 2, 2016 11:36 AM Profiles

Fish farmers in the Philippines consider mud crabs a viable alternative to shrimp, but to sustain growth of this sunshine industry, the country needs to quadruple the number of its hatcheries. more

May 4, 2016 9:34 AM Restocking


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