Yellow Perch

New research at a Wisconsin facility is developing protocols to increase the survival of yellow perch fry reared in indoor recirculating systems more

Feb 19, 2015 12:00 AM Recirc

Yellow Perch

Photo by Robert Colletta.

Many years ago, wild captured fish from the Great and Upper Mid-West Lakes provided all the perch needed for the 'Friday Night Fish Fry'. Now, supply can't meet demand, making the culture of yellow perch a priority for fish farmers. more

Oct 27, 2014 3:24 PM Research

Bell Aquaculture, in Indiana, is the world’s largest producer of yellow perch (Perca flavescens). The company is turning waste streams into an OMRI-listed organic fertilizer - FishRich™. more

Nov 4, 2013 11:20 AM , Recirc



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